About Law for Locals

Peter Charbonnier - Chester, CT Attorney - Law Offices

You might wonder why I chose the name “Law for Locals” for my website.

While always handling client matters with the utmost care and respect, I try to maintain a healthy sense of self irony, never taking myself too seriously. The benefit to you is unparalleled service in a friendly, relaxed and non-threatening atmosphere. No suits here; you’ll feel right at home in your casual clothes in the calm, easy-going atmosphere. In fact, many people ask if I live here too – I guess because it feels so comfortable. That’s what “Law for Locals” means to me: ┬ámade by a down to earth attorney for down to earth clients. What it means to you: I either answer the phone when you call or call you back the same day; and, you’ll always get a straight answer without any unnecessary costs incurred.